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Croydon Cars is UK’s most trusted car rental service. Specialising in the most luxury and high end cars, we have access to an extensive range of luxury and supercars. Our goal is to give everyone an opportunity to experience the pinnacle of luxury and performance at an affordable price. Most importantly, our values are honesty and trust which is why we have been able to service the Croydon region whilst our competitors have come and gone.


    We provide an extensive range of luxury and supercars to select from.


    We have a track record for being honest and professional.


    We give you the opportunity to experience the cars for yourself!


    A lifetime experience for a reasonable price.


    Wide Range

    We offer an extensive range of luxury branded vehicles for our customers to choose from.


    Our luxuriant cars are maintained, serviced and are of exceptional quality.


    We provide our customers the flexibility to drive our luxuriant cars.


    High-quality vehicles ensuring a premium experience for every driver.

    Croydon Cars Minicab Service Croydon

    The Croydon Cars MiniCab Service in London UK, are the main authorized minicab companies in the city of Croydon, offers transportation services employees by providing high standards of quality and professionalism. Choose our Minicab for a quick trip and safely to get to the Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Stansted and for any other destination. The Croydon Cars in UK is a small group of operators, with the aim to organize and coordinate the work of its members and to introduce its services to users. Today it has 25 members, almost all the minicab drivers of the city of Croydon, who contribute to the functioning of society in the search of the continuous improvement of the quality of services provided, making use of all the tools that technology makes available. The Croydon Cars, thanks to the organizational skills derived from long experience, also offers some services to minicab drivers who are not associated with it, in the area of Croydon and in other towns.

    We are offer Low Fair for Airport Transfers from Croydon everyday such as ✓Croydon Minicabs ✓Shirley Minicabs ✓Waddon Minicabs ✓Selhurst Minicabs ✓Wallington Minicabs ✓Beddington Minicabs ✓Sanderstead Minicabs ✓Purley Minicabs ✓Thorntonheath Minicabs ✓Addiscombe Minicabs ✓Selhurst Minicabs ✓Addington Minicabs ✓Selsdon Minicabs ✓Croydon Heathrow ✓Gatwick airport Transfers ✓Stansted airport Transfers ✓Luton airport Transfers ✓North Croydon ✓South Croydon ✓London City Airport etc.

    We want to welcome you to our new corporate website, where you will be able to know all our services, our vehicles, and numerous links of your interest. We want to offer you a pleasant visit and an approach to our minicab cooperative, but above all, we want you from now on, entrust your transfers to Croydon Cars Minicabs. Since many years we offer a fast, complete and professional service. To date we have more than 100 vehicles at your disposal 24 hours, thanks to a modern fleet management system by GPS, allows us to give the best and fastest service to our customers.

    Croydon Cars Minicab Service Croydon has a wide range of minicab vehicles: saloon, minivan, high range and / or with large trunk, in addition to the wide range of vehicles adapted for the handicapped. Our vehicles are easy to distinguish for the city thanks to its characteristic front logo and screen-printed panel on the rear glass.

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    Croydon Minicabs to Airport Transfers

    The Croydon Cars Transfer plays a Minicab with driver 7 days 7 24 h of 24. It will be ready to satisfy your every travel need, making you reach with comfort and punctuality your chosen destination. With Croydon Cars very competitive connects you to stations, Gatwick AirPort and Heathrow Airport and Bus terminals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most Frequent Asked Questions

    Your designated driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall of the airport where you will be landing, holding a sign with your name. The pickup time will be scheduled based on the actual landing time of your flight, with a recommended minimum timeframe of 30 minutes after landing (which can be modified according to your preference). The driver will wait free of charge, including parking and waiting time, for up to 30 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.

    Prior to the journey, you will receive the driver’s details, including their name, phone number, and car registration, to facilitate easy identification. If you are unable to locate your driver, it is best to contact them first for assistance. In case of further difficulty, you can reach out to us through phone, email, or website chat feature (located at the bottom left corner) to speak with one of our operators.

    You have to give your email address we will forward your completed journey receipt.

    Once your booking is completed, the parking fee charged to your driver upon exiting the airport will be added to your final payment. Since this fee cannot be determined in advance, it will be applied after the booking is confirmed.

    If you have provided your flight number at the time of booking and your flight gets cancelled, we will automatically cancel your booking. If you need to make an alternative booking for a different date or time, you can do so via our website, mobile app, or At Your Service Centre.

    However, it is important to note that the customer must inform us if their flight is cancelled and they no longer require our transportation service. To cancel your booking, use our mobile app or website, or contact our At Your Service Centre at 02086864545.

    You can pay for the journey upfront cash to the driver, Or Else you can pay via Debit, Credit and bank transfer.

    While booking your transfer anytime is possible, we recommend booking at least 24 hours before your desired pickup time. Short-notice requests may not always be possible to accommodate due to driver availability or if our schedule is fully booked, which may result in additional charges.

    Please note that if your request is made within 6 hours of the requested pickup time, it may be subject to extra charges, and the cost may be higher than the initial quote provided on our website. In rare cases where we cannot find an available driver, we may need to cancel your booking. In such cases, we will notify you within 90 minutes of processing your online booking via our website.

    The Saloon category includes vehicles such as Skoda Superb, Ford, Hyundai I50, Toyota Prius, Vauxhall Insignia, or similar models.

    The Estate category includes vehicles such as Ford Mondeo Estate, Vauxhall Zafira, VW Touran, Toyota Prius+, Mercedes E Class, BMW 5 Series, or similar models.

    The MPV category includes vehicles such as VW Sharan, Toyota Prius+ or similar models.

    8 -Seater: category includes vehicles such as Mercedes Vito and Volkswagen Transporterseor.

    Pets and guide dogs are allowed in the vehicles, but please inform us when booking so that we can ensure the vehicle is appropriately equipped. It is important to note that any damage caused by the pet will be charged to the customer, and any additional cleaning required may incur an extra charge.

    You can book a return journey via the online booking form. You have the option to book both trips in one go, or you can book two separate trips to reflect different itineraries. Please note that the return trip must be the reverse of the first trip.

    We are happy to serve you 24/7.

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    + 02086864545



    Croydon Cars and Courierss 292 High Street, Croydon CR0 1NG

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    Croydon MiniCabs Station Transfers

    You Can book a Minicab at any time by calling at +020-8686-4000. You will be asked for the address, the time, and your phone number. We strongly recommend the timetable punctuality you have established with the operator. During the congested city traffic hours, we recommend you call the operator well in advance in order to serve you better.

    Croydon Minicabs Courier Service

    Our staff is knowledgeable and we can provide excellent transport vehicles equipped with all the amenities you would expect for an excellent Minicab Services and without obligation. Our minicabs are available around the purley, Shirley, Waddon, East Croydon, South Croydon, West croydon and Selsdon.

    Croydon Minicabs School Runs

    Alternatively you can connect to the page on-line booking to make a reservation every day 24×7. Even so, you will receive a text message or a phone call to confirm the reservation. To book travel during the day today contact the call- center at +020-8686-4000. Discover the benefits of traveling with Croydon Cars In London UK.

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